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  1. It has been a great year. Thank all of you for your help.
    We are watching the last of the D1 Softball Year play our.. Nothing but talents on the field and at Bat. OMG I love Softball

  2. Thank you…If you want to write something about your favorite team or sport send it to allsidessport.com@gmail.com

  3. Hey ralph,
    The Batbusters/moore is vanessa’s team playing in Las Vegas St Paddys day Blast yesterday and today. So far they’ve played four games and won all four with the total score 58 to 1.
    V pitched one game so far…that game was 12-0.
    They got one hit off her and that was an error, too bad, would been her second no-hitter.

    • They’re 5-0 now… just won their 5th game 11-0. Four games to go.

      • They won all nine games for a total score of 106-13. V pitched 3 games including the championship game 13-4 and brought home the trophies while beating the Firecrackers 12u-Araujo, which up to now, WAS the best team in So Cal for some years.
        With a lot of credit to our coach, Danny Moore, who put this team together in just nine months and made them believe that they could go all the way.

        • Keep the news coming..Tell V if she wants to write for allsidesports.com we would be happy to post her writing. You are also more than welcome to write and take some pic on any game you want…

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